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Tutankhamun's Family

Powerpoint Slideshow file from covermount DVD on December 2010 / January 2011 issue of Ancient Egypt. CLICK HERE
(58MB DOWNLOAD - LARGE FILE). This is a PPT file that only works with Microsoft Powerpoint.

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Advertisers in our magazine 

Soliman Travel www.solimantravel.com/
University of Manchester humanities courses (link)
Distance Learning Course suzanne_bojtos (at) hotmail.com
Ancient World Tours www.ancient.co.uk
Charlotte Booth Correspondence Course www.charlottesegypt.com
Bloomsbury Summer School www.egyptology-uk.com/bloomsbury
University of Liverpool Ancient World Summer school http://sace.liv.ac.uk/ancientworlds

Useful Egyptology Sites

The Australian Centre for Egyptology http://www.egyptology.mq.edu.au
The Australian Centre for Egyptology was established within Macquarie University's School of History Philosophy & Politics in 1989. Now it is within the Division of Humanities. Its aims are to promote, plan and co-ordinate archaeological fieldwork undertaken by Australian scholars in Egypt; to further Egyptological research in both Australia and Egypt; and to publish excavation reports and other studies in Egyptology.
AncientEgypt.nl www.ancientegypt.nl
A site with text in English and Dutch and some excellent photographs.
Ancient Egypt Online ancient-egypt-online.com
A guide to ancient Egypt.
A collection of short articles with extensive cross-reference links between them, under 6 main headings.
Egyptus.net www.egyptus.net
Discover the Ancient Egypt and its History! Useful descriptions and photos about Pyramids of Giza, Sphinx and more!
Polish egyptology site (English pages) http://www.archeologiaegiptu.pl/inenglish
Egiptologiczny Serwis Informacyjny
Travellers in Egypt http://www.travellersinegypt.org
Osiris Net http://www.osirisnet.net/
This site is devoted mainly to the tombs and mastabas of Ancient Egypt and also to other monuments, and to the News in Egyptology.
Ancient Egypt History www.ancient-egypt-history.com
From Luxor, through Egypt's ancient pyramids of glory, all the way up to Cleopatra!
Pyramids of Giza map  From Planetware.
Nekhebet Wonders of Ancient Egypt http://www.nekhebet.com/

Societies and Museums

Poynton Egypt Group
Egypt Exploration Society
Friends of the Petrie Museum
Manchester Ancient Egypt Society
Stafford Egyptology Society
Sussex College of Egyptology
Sussex Egyptology Society - http://www.egyptology-uk.com 
The Egypt Society of Bristol
Egyptology Links
Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society
Newton Institute - University of Cambridge Egyptology Resources
Google directory of egyptology museum links
Egyptology ixquick metasearch
Manchester Museum Links
The Manchester Museum
The Egypt Centre; The Wellcome Museum of Egypti an Antiquities
WWW Virtual Library Museums around the UK
The Egyptian Society of South Africa


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