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A round up of news highlights from Issue 91


Late Period Tombs Discovered

An Egyptian team has discovered six Twenty-sixth Dynasty tombs at the perimeter of the Aga Khan Mausoleum west of Aswan.  Each tomb consists of three or four undecorated rooms with a flight of steps leading to the main entrance. The team also discovered a group of stone sarcophagi and wooden coffins containing the mummies of the tomb owners, together with amulets, faience statues of the four sons of Horus and small wooden Horus statues.


New burial discoveries at Gebel Ramlah

The Polish Mission excavating a 6500 year old burial ground at Gebel Ramlah, close to the Sudan border have unearthed 60 new adult burials, including an elite burial which included grave goods such as pottery, pieces of red dye and the horned skull of a gazelle placed above the head. The team believe this individual may have been an important spiritual healer who may have carried out magical hunting rites.


Ptolemy XII cartouche

A small piece of linen bearing the cartouches of “Auletes” (Ptolemy XII), the father of Cleopatra VII, has been discovered by a Polish team while clearing a Middle Kingdom tomb in Sheikh Abd el-Qurna. It is thought to be part of a temple offering by the king.


Other news includes:



Two Graeco-Roman papyrus fragments have been rediscovered in the collection of the University of British Columbia; one is a letter from a young man to his mother, the other a dinner invitation


A genetic study has shown that Egypt was the gateway to Europe for early humans migrating out of Africa


A 40 million year old whale has been discovered at the “Valley of the Whales” in Wadi al-Hitan, in the Fayum region.


Further examples of Late Palaeolithic rock art at been discovered in a new valley 3km north of the Wadi Abu Subeira, but many of these petroglyphs are under threat from modern mining works that have already destroyed some areas of the site.




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