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A round up of news highlights from Issue 98


Asasif New Discovery

The burial chamber and sarcophagus of a Twenty-fifth Dynasty Mayor of Thebes has been found during excavation and cleaning work in the Tomb of the Kushite Karabasken (TT391) in the Asasif necropolis on the West Bank at Luxor.

Khufu Papyri and boat hooks

A collection of papyri dating to the Fourth Dynasty reign of Khufu, the oldest so far found, have gone on display for the first time at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir. Meanwhile  circular and U-shaped metal hooks have just been found in Khufu's second boat burial, the first evidence that such boats contained metal components.

Egyptian Finds Abroad
Scarabs inscribed for Thutmose III have been discovered among pottery and jewellery from Syria, Greece, Anatolia and Mesopotamia in a grave in Cyprus close to the Bronze Age city of Hala Sultan Tekke, while in Israel, a fragment of a large kneeling statue of an Egyptian official from the Middle Kingdom period has been discovered at Tel Hazor, near the Sea of Galilee, one of only two monumental Egyptian statues to be found in the Levant area.

Reconstructing mummies
The mummified head of a woman that mysteriously turned up in the basement of the University of Melbourne medical building has been reconstructed as part of a multi-disciplinary project involving CT scanning and 3D printing. The woman was aged between 18 and 25 when she died and has been named Meritamun by the team.

Radiation burst clocks
A team of researchers from Oxford University believe they have discovered a method for the more accurate dating of ancient historical events by measuring spikes in the concentrations of the radioactive isotope carbon-14 in tree rings, which can be dated to particular intense solar storms.

In Brief
·        Dr Cédric Gobeil, of the Institut français d'archéologie orientale in Cairo, has been appointed as the new EES Director to succeed Dr Chris Naunton.
·        A new online database of ancient Egyptian demons has been launched at the British Science Festival in Swansea: www.demonthings.com



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