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A round up of news highlights from Issue 99



Breaking News:

As we go to press, the Ministry of Antiquities have announced the discovery of an Early Dynastic town and cemetery at Abydos, approximately 400 metres to the south of the Seti I temple. The Egyptian team working at the site have uncovered 15 large mud brick tombs, possibly the oldest of their type ever found, some of which are larger than the First Dynasty mastaba tombs at Abydos, making this an extremely important discovery.


Mataryia Rameses II Temple

The Egyptian-German Archaeological Mission at Matariya in Cairo has discovered blocks from the courtyard of a previously unknown Rameses II temple. The blocks, together with fragments of statues, were found about 450 metres to the west of the Senusret I obelisk and include a rare form of the king’s name: "Paramessu".



Boat Tableau at Abydos

An unusual tableau featuring more than 120 boats has been uncovered on the walls of an underground boat burial site near the tomb of the Twelfth Dynasty king Khakaura Senusret III.


New tomb at Thutmose III temple

A Third Intermediate Period tomb has been discovered at the Thutmose III mortuary temple at Qurna with a beautifully preserved cartonnage mummy case inside.


Late Period Tombs

An Egyptian team working near Aswan has discovered two Late Period rock cut tombs in a necropolis behind the Agha Khan Mausoleum.



Amelia Edwards Grave Listed

The burial monument of Amelia Edwards, author of  A Thousand Miles Up The Nile, has been given Grade II listing status by Historic England, the government organisation responsible for ancient and historic monuments in England.



In Brief:

·       The causeway to the tomb of Sarenput I, an important Middle Kingdom official, has been found in the Qubbet El-Hawa necropolis, near Aswan.

·       Two Old Kingdom rock-cut tombs and the remains of a Ptolemaic temple at Beni Sweif (70 miles south of Cairo) are to be opened to visitors. 

·       Restoration work on the Thutmose III barque shrine, reconstructed at the Karnak Open Air Museum in 2010, has now been completed.




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