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A round up of news highlights from Issue 88


Ancient Theban Osireion discovered

A large multi-level complex dedicated to Osiris, resembling the famous Osireion at Abydos, has been discovered in the el-Qurna necropolis on the West Bank of Luxor.


Tomb of Old Kingdom Queen discovered

The tomb of a previously unknown Old Kingdom queen has been found at Abu Sir, believed to be the burial of the Khentkawes III, consort to the Fifth Dynasty King Nefererfra (or Ranefera).


New discoveries at Gebel el Silsila

A unique stela depicting the gods Amun-Ra and Thoth together has been discovered carved into the rock at Gebel el Silsila, the rocky gorge 64km north or Aswan, together with two abandoned obelisks and a rare obelisk relief.


3000 year old fortress discovered

The ruins of a New Kingdom fortress, part of a line of eleven defensive fortresses known as the ‘Way of Horus’, have just been found at Tell Habua, near to the Suez Canal.


Amenhotep III statue restored

 A second 12.9-metre tall standing statue of Amenhotep III has been restored at the site of his mortuary temple on Luxor’s West Bank.


Bronze Age Danish beads made in ancient Egypt!

New research shows that a collection of glass beads found in Late Bronze Age burials in Denmark were made in New Kingdom Egypt in the same workshops as the blue glass found in the mask of Tutankhamun.


Tomb of Twenty-second Dynasty Queen discovered at the Ramesseum

A tomb, thought to be that of of Karomama, Divine Adoratrice of the Twenty-second Dynasty, has been discovered within the Ramasseum Temple complex.


Also in our news pages:

·        A 50cm high New Kingdom white limestone sphinx has been discovered at Karnak.

·        The burial of an Twenty-first Dynasty Singer of Amun has been found on Luxor’s West Bank.

·        Traces of cereals in the teeth of Neolithic Nubian skeletons suggest agriculture was practiced several centuries earlier than previously thought.

·        A large painted Amenhotep III head has been uncovered at the Armant Temple

·        A 1300 year old Coptic codex has been translated in Australia revealing an ‘Egyptian Handbook of Ritual Power’

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