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A round up of news highlights from Issue 97


Khufu’s Wonky Pyramid

New measurements taken of the Great Pyramid at Giza have revealed the monument is slightly lopsided due to a slight error made during construction. The difference is however only a matter of 5.55 inches (14.1cm), demonstrating the incredible precision of the builders working more than 4500 years ago.


Khufu Barque Shrine

During work on Khufu’s second solar boat, restorers have discovered the cedar beam timbers of the so-called boat captain’s shrine, one of two similar structures at either end of the boat, the second being a shrine for the king himself.


Middle Kingdom Mother of Governors

The mummy, cartonnage facemask and cedar wood coffins of a powerful Twelfth Dynasty lady, the mother of two regional governors,  have been found by the Spanish Mission working at Qubbet el-Hawa, across the river from Aswan. 


Earliest trepanation

A Polish team excavating a Neolithic settlement in Khor Shambat, Omdurman (Sudan) has discovered the world’s earliest case of trepanation. The body of a surprisingly old 55-65 year old man was uncovered bearing a 2cm diameter hole in the skull. Such procedures were thought to have been carried out for medical or for magical / religious reasons.


The Cost of Beauty?

A 3500 year old mummified head a woman from a Madrid collection has been found to have a skin disorder that may have been caused by the use of cosmetics with a bleaching action on the skin.


In Brief

·        Recent scientific analysis of the iron dagger found in the Tomb of Tutankhamun shows the blade was made from iron from a meteorite

·        Bronze Age Canaanites imported donkeys and other animals from Egypt for ritual sacrifice according to new excavation work by Israeli archaeologists working at the site of Tell el-Safi, ancient Gath, in Israel.

·        Lebanese archaeologists believe they have discovered the ancient port site of Byblos, from where cedar wood was exported to Egypt; sadly further excavations are on hold as the area is part of new luxury beachfront development


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