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A round up of news highlights from Issue 85


Museum sale causes controversy

 Northampton Borough Council in England has sold a 4000 year old Egyptian statue of Sekhemka which had been gifted to the Northampton Museum and Art Gallery, for nearly £16 million to raise funds for an extension to the museum.


Eleventh Dynasty Discoveries

 A limestone chapel built by the Eleventh Dynasty king Nebhepetra Mentuhotep II (c.2055-2004 BC) has been found close to the Sety I temple at Abydos after robbers trying to dig for treasure caused a house to collapse.

Further south at Luxor, Spanish archaeologists working at Dra Abu el-Naga have discovered an Eleventh Dynasty tomb big enough to belong to a member of the royal family or senior court official.


Graeco-Roman city discovered

The ruins of a Roman Delta city has been discovered about 25 kilometres south of Rosetta close to Kom al-Ahmer, dating to between 343 BC and 395 AD.


End of the World Plague

Incinerated remains and bodies buried in lime have been discovered on the West Bank at Luxor, the first evidence that Egypt suffered from the plague that contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire.


5000 year old animal burial

Ritual burials of humans and animals, including a complete skeleton of a huge long-horned cow, have been discovered at a 5000 year old monumental stone circle in Wadi Khashab in the Eastern Desert.


The Mystery of Cambyses II’s Army Solved?

A Dutch researcher believes the 50,000 Persian soldiers who “disappeared” in Egypt’s Western Desert c. 524BC were in fact ambushed and defeated by the Egyptian rebel leader Petubastis III.


Other highlights include:

·        Offerings found in an unfinished Twelfth Dynasty chapel in the Asasif necropolis

·        Napoleon’s artillery rescued from the sea off the Pharos Island in Alexandria

·        44 stolen pages from Description de l'Egypte have been discovered at Cairo airport

·        A prehistoric Egyptian pot has been discovered in a garage in south-west England

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