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A round up of news highlights from Issue 84

These stories and more in full (with photographs) in “From the Editors” pages.

 Saqqara Singer

Three painted sarcophagi belonging to a Third Intermediate Period Chantress Ta Akhet discovered in the Eighteenth Dynasty tomb of Maya (Maia), the wet nurse of Tutankhamun.

Ptolemy II temple for Isis

Ptolemy II (Philadelphus) limestone temple dedicated to Isis discovered at Gebel El-nour in Beni Suef, just over 100 kilometres south of Cairo.

New royal mummy cache

More than 50 bodies of Eighteenth Dynasty royals related to Thutmose IV and Amenhotep III have been found in KV40 in the Valley of the Kings.

New Hierakonpolis tomb

A nearly intact Predynastic tomb dating to about 500 years before Narmer, has been found at Hierakonpolis, complete with bearded man figure and ivory combs.

New Discovery in Abusir

The faience – decorated body of Nefer, an important Fifth Dynasty official, has been discovered at Abusir.

Jesus at Oxyrhynchus?

A mysterious underground structure with a possible early Coptic depiction of Jesus has been uncovered at Oxyrhynchus.

Other Highlights Include:

bulletRamesside tomb of military man Paser
bulletSeti I scarab ring found in Israel
bulletImage of Roman Emperor Claudius as Egyptian Pharaoh at Shenhur
bulletFirst evidence for match-fixing in sport from AD267
bulletWet sand vital in the construction of the pyramids
bulletAncient Egyptians ate mostly vegetarian diets and little fish


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