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A round up of news highlights from Issue 86


Predynastic Mummification?

Mummification may have developed about 1500 years earlier than thought. The results of a 11 year study suggest that the linen material used by Predynastic populations to wrap their dead was soaked in a mixture of preservative substances similar to the “recipe” used when mummification was at its height during the New Kingdom (c.1550 BC).


Ancient Last Supper charm papyrus

A rare 1500 year old fragment of papyrus which combines ancient Egyptian magic with Christian beliefs has been discovered in the vaults of the University of Manchester's John Rylands Library. The charm includes what is thought to be the earliest written reference to the Last Supper of Christ.


New Red Sea Coast Discoveries

A rare Roman boat has been discovered at the two thousand year old port at Berenike on the Red Sea coast. The remains will enable the team to calculate the actual size and construction of a Red Sea vessel, as no other ancient vessels, or even wrecks, have so far been found.


New Protection for Historic Cairo

The Ministry of Antiquities has set up a new independent body to return the city of Cairo, which will draw up a complete restoration plan drawn for the city’s major landmarks.


Other news highlights:

·         American researchers have drawn up an ecological timeline by studying ancient Egypt’s major animal species depicted in tomb reliefs and artifacts.


·         Swiss scientists have used computer modelling to show how powerful leaders emerged from the ancient hunter-gathers of the Nile Valley, a development that gave rise to the powerful despotic rule of the Pharaohs.


·         The sale of artifacts controversy continues as more ancient Egyptian objects from museum collections are put up for sale at auction.


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