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A round up of news highlights from Issue 89


Two New Tombs in Luxor

Two new brightly decorated Eighteenth Dynasty tombs have been discovered in the space of two weeks, during excavation workat Qurna. The first belonged to “door-keeper of god Amun” Amenhotep, also called Rebiu, while the second tomb belongs to Sa-Mut.


Pharaoh Hacked To Death

Forensic analysis of the skeleton of the previously unknown Second Intermediate Period king Seneb-kay has revealed he was killed in battle. The positioning of the wounds indicates that the king was at a higher than his attackers, possibly in a chariot of on horseback.


Royal Rest House for Thutmose II

A mudbrick rest house has been found at Tall Habwa, near the Suez Canal.  Two previously discovered rest houses at the site have been attributed to Seti I and Rameses II. This new discovery dates to the earlier reign of Thutmose II and contained pottery marked with the king’s the royal stamp.


Seated Lady Statue

Egyptian Tourist Police in Akhmim have seized part of a statue of a seated woman that may have been unearthed illegally.  The statue fragment shows the legs of a seated woman, with the titles of Rameses II inscribed on one side.


Ptolemy Stela at Taposiris Magna

A stela carrying the cartouche of Ptolemy V Epiphanes and dating to Year 7 of his reign (c. 199 BC) has been discovered at Taposiris Magna. Written in hieroglyphic and demotic text, the stela is an exact copy of one found at Philae Temple and marks the dedication of a large area of Nubia to the goddess Isis and her priests.


Karnak Cache

A total of 38 Twenty-fifth Dynasty statues and other precious objects (including 14 figures of Osiris, a sphinx and a head thought to be the god Imhotep) have been unearthed recently at Karnak near to the Temple of Ptah.



In Brief:

·        Two black granite Sekhmet statues have been discovered in the hypostyle hall of Amenhotep III’s mortuary temple.

·        Recently analysed texts discovered at Deir el-Medina suggest that the valley workforce had their own version of a state-supported health care, including paid sick leave and on-site doctors.

·        A Graeco-Roman necropolis containing clay lamps and pots and glass bottles, has been discovered in Alexandria after the authorities caught robbers carrying out illegal excavations under a house in the Gebel Mahran area.

·        Three Graeco-Roman sarcophagi with colour decoration were found floating in sewage in an irrigation canal in Minya; the authorities believe the coffins were illegally excavated by robbers who dumped them in the canal to avoid being caught.

·        A statuette of a cat nearly thrown away in a skip during a house clearance in Cornwall, was found to date to Twenty-sixth Dynasty Egypt; it was sold at auction for £52,000



A giant Nefertiti head has appeared in Sydney Harbour, Australia. It is being constructed as part of the set design for a large open-air production of Aida by Handa Opera.



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