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A round up of news highlights from Issue 113



Tuna el-Gebel Burials

An Egyptian mission has uncovered a maze of rock-cut burial chambers containing more than 40 mummies at Tuna el-Gebel (Hermopolis Magna) in el-Minya province. The mummies are a mix of different sizes and genders, including children wrapped in linen decorated with Demotic texts.


Gebel el-Silsila New Kingdom workshop

The Swedish-Egyptian mission at Gebel el-Silsila has uncovered a sandstone workshop containing several abandoned sculptures, a 5 metre-long ram-headed sphinx thought to date to the reign of Amenhotep III (c. 1390-1352 BC) and a smaller incomplete sphinx that may have been a practice piece.


Meidum Girl

The skeletal remains of a girl of around 13 years have been discovered by an Egyptian team at Meidum, buried in a Third Dynasty cemetery to the east of the collapsed pyramid.  The burial was discovered within the remains of a mastaba tomb, with two bulls heads, pottery and scrolls of papyrus found nearby. 


Old Kingdom Tombs

An English team working at the necropolis of Qubbet el-Hawa in west Aswan have found 6 Old Kingdom tombs in a site thought to be an industrial and commercial area.  The bodies were found close to a large number of ovens but were likely buried there after the site had been abandoned.


Roman Wine Cellar

An Egyptian mission has discovered a wine storage cellar at Abu el-Matamir in Biheira, an area renowned for its high quality wines during the Graeco-Roman Period. The building was constructed of large mud bricks interspersed with irregular shaped limestone blocks inserted into the wall to control the internal temperature of the cellar.


Roman Shipyard

An Egyptian team has uncovered the remains of a limestone workshop used to build boats and ships during the Graeco-Roman Period.  The shipyard, consisting of two dry docks separated by the rectangular building, is located at the site of Tell Abu Saifi in Sinai, the site of the Roman town of Silla. A number of bronze nails used in ship building were found together with the remains of wooden beams.


Predynastic and Hyksos Period Burials

An Egyptian team working in the Dakahlia province near Samara has discovered a group of 20 Predynastic Naqada III burials together with a group of tombs dating to the rule of the Hyksos during the Second Intermediate Period. 


In Brief:


 Excavations of the outer walls of the Thutmose III mortuary temple on Luxor’s west bank have now been completed by the Spanish Mission working there


A pottery fragment with the face of the Egyptian god Bes has been found in 2,500 year old household rubbish in Jerusalem, the first example to be discovered in the city


Bolton’s Egypt gallery at the Bolton Museum has been shortlisted for a UK Museum and Heritage Award; the winner will be announced on 15th May

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