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A round up of news highlights from Issue 108


No Hidden Chambers in KV62
The latest GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) results from KV62 do not support the existence of hidden chambers or corridors adjacent the Tomb of Tutankhamun, according to a recent Ministry of Antiquities press release. The original anomalies are thought to be rogue radar reflections which bounced off the front of the walls instead of penetrating them.

Tomb of Ramesses II's General
The tomb of Iwerkhy, 'general of the great army of king Ramesses II' has been discovered at Saqqara to the south of the Pyramid of Unas. Iwerkhy, thought to be of foreign origin, began his military career under Sety I, rising to rank of general under Ramesses II.

Western Desert Temples
The remains of a Graeco-Roman temple have been uncovered by an Egyptian mission in the Western Desert. The team, working at the Al-Salam archaeological site, some 50km to the east of Siwa Oasis, found the foundations of the front part of the temple including the main entrance and stones from one metre-thick outer wall.  A second temple, dating to the reign of Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius, has been found in the al-Hag Ali village in Siwa Oasis.

Osiris-Ptah-Neb Shrine at Karnak
An Egyptian team working south of Karnak Temple's 10th pylon has uncovered the remains of a Twenty-fifth Dynasty shrine to Osiris-Ptah-Neb, bearing the names of Taharqo and Tanutamani.

In Brief
*       A mummified head in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts has been identified by forensics Experts at the American Federal Bureau of Investigation, using advanced DNA extraction procedures.
*       Mobile phone users may soon be able to text using over 2000 hieroglyphs, thanks to a new set of coding standards created by the Unicode Consortium.
  *   A second colossal statue of Ramesses II has been restored and re-erected in front of the first pylon of Luxor Temple
  *   A rare statue head of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius has been uncovered by an Egyptian team working on a groundwater reduction project at Kom Ombo temple
  *   A large red building, possibly a bath house, has been found at San el-Hagar together with objects including a gold coin depicting Ptolemy III
  *   Tutankhamun is set to become a tour guide in the form of a hologram at the Egyptian Museum, Cairo; the boy king will introduce himself to visitors wearing a virtual reality headset 


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