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Ancient Egypt Magazine

Issue One - May / June 2000

News and Views Welcome Netfishing
Book Reviews

Welcome to Ancient Egypt!

All about Ancient Egypt and our first issue

Special Report: The Eighth Congress of the International Association of Egyptologists

Cover Feature: Eternity of Princes Revealed Finding out about the Lost Tomb, KV5

Cover Feature: The Mummy Detectives:  How DNA analysis is shedding light on hidden mummy secrets

Cover Feature: The Cairo Museum - Wonderful Things!

Cracking Codes: The Rosetta Stone and Decipherment

People of Ancient Egypt: interesting times for a priest in the Temple of Amun

News and Views: amusing and amazing news from the world of Egyptology

Travel Feature: Egypt Welcomes You. Will you join the many enthusiastic converts to the Egyptian experience?

Travellers’ News: Regular news for first-time travellers as well as old hands

Exhibition Previews and Reviews: The British Museum and Eton College

Review Panel: Learn hieroglyphs – no excuses, now!

Societies Scene: North Yorkshire Ancient Egypt Group

Events Diary: the Egyptology Summer Season 

Society Contacts: is there a group near you?

Egyptology on the Internet: Netfishing with the God of the Nile. The ancient Egyptians started it!

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