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Ancient Egypt Magazine

Volume Four  Issue One -- July/August 2003

"Pompey's Pillar" in Alexandria 




Nefertiti: Egypt's Sun Queen

The end of the Amarna period and the ultimate fate of Nefertiti is still a subject for great debate. Our two-part series by Dr Joyce Tyldesley concludes.


Perched atop Pompey's Pillar

Early travellers to Egypt occasionally treated the monuments as entertainment. We know better, con-cludes Patrick F. Houlihan.


It's all gone pyramid-shaped!

More classic cartoons with an'Egyptian theme. Is humour simply another way of showing the ongoing world-wide fascination with this ancient culture. We think so.


Perilous Descent

A journey down a very real path with fictitious asso-ciations; a descent into the depths of the earth. Not crossword clues, but a memorable experience for Dylan Bickerstaffe.


'Egypt Reborn' at the BMA

Proudly revealed, more treasures of the Brooklyn Museum of Art on permanent display.


A curator's guide to the Louvre

A very special view for our readers.


Tutankhamun's Wardrobe

Glittering garments for a young king.


Meet the personalities involved in Egyptology today, and learn about the issues.

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