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Ancient Egypt Magazine

Volume Four  Issue One -- August/September  2004


So you want to know about ... Pyramids
Aidan Dodson
looks at the sometimes confusing and daunting number of books on Pyramids. Which are the ones to get if you wish to study the subject?

A new home for the Petrie Museum

Cathie Bryan looks at the ambitious plans to re-house one of the U.K.ís major Egyptology collections.



Why is a Nineteenth Century poem recited in an ancient temple? Dylan Bickerstaffe investigates and is inspired by the Muse of Poetry.


What Happened at Meidum?

Did the pyramid fall or was it pushed? Tony Judd and Colin Reader examine the evidence.


Recreating a Bracelet of Queen Hetepheres

Roger Pilling, a modern jeweller, sets himself the task of recreating one of the silver bracelets from the Old Kingdom tomb of Queen Hetepheres.


Featured Pharaoh: Sneferu

AE spotlights the Old Kingdom pharaoh, who features in both the Meidum and Hetepheres Bracelet articles.


Fire-stone, Magic Serpents and Butchery Knives

Carolyn Graves-Brown examines the role of flint in Dynastic Egypt.


Mummy: The Inside Story

A major new exhibition at the British Museum uses the latest technology to see what lies beneath the wrappings of a mummy. AE Editor Bob Partridge looks at the research behind the exhibition.


Society News: Southampton Ancient Egypt Society

AE brings news and information about the flourishing Southampton Society.


The Bazaar Experience

Explore the delights and curiosities in the tourist and local Bazaars of Egypt.



Meet the personalities involved in Egyptology today, and learn about the issues.

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