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Ancient Egypt Magazine

Volume Four  Issue Two -- October/November  2004


Bread and Beer: Cathie Bryan visits a new special exhibition in Belgium.

Ancient Egypt at the Royal Academy in London

Egyptian Masterpieces: The Canopic Shrine of Tutankhamun

Mining for Gold in Ancient Egypt: How did the Ancient Egyptians mine their most precious commodity? Barbara Tratsaert examines the evidence.

A New Look for the Rosetta Stone: Richard Parkinson reports on the new display at the British Museum of its best-known exhibit.

Obelisks in Exile: AE’s Editor tells the story of how, in the Nineteenth Century, several obelisks from Ancient Egypt were moved to places thousands of miles from their original homes.

Papyrus of the "Mistress of the House": An illustrated papyrus translated for the first time. Ayman Wahby Taher reveals the secrets of a papyrus in the John Rylands Library in Manchester.

Sudan: Ancient Treasures: AE looks at a stunning new exhibition at the British Museum, featuring objects loaned from the Sudan National Museum in Khartoum.

Architectural Gems – The White Chapel of Senusret I at Karnak

Backpacking in Egypt:Travelling light and staying in smaller, simple hotels, Gary Gainsbury journeys from Cairo to Aswan, by road, rail and river.

The Gilf Kebir and Gebel Uweinat: Michael Ackroyd explores the awesome landscape and geology of this remote region, and discovers some of the most beautiful rock art to be found anywhere in the world, along with tales of lost oases, hidden treasure, death-defying exploration and Oscar-winning films.

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Preview of cover for issue 27 (December 2004/January 2005)

 Growing Old Disgracefully at Deir el-Medina: Rosalind Janssen looks at how elderly people lived and were treated in the Workmen’s Village.

– The Age of the Sphinx: Colin Reader re-assesses the age of the Great Sphinx at Giza by marrying geological and archæological evidence.

– The Story of The Destruction of Mankind: Joyce Tyldesley re-tells a story from Ancient Egyptian mythology.

– Readers Competition: Part 2: Win a Holiday for Two in Luxor.

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