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Ancient Egypt Magazine

Volume 5 issue 3 December 2004 / January 2005



The Story of the Destruction of Mankind
Joyce Tyldesley
tells a tale of the inherently evil nature of mankind in a story which dates to the very beginnings of ancient Egyptian history.

The Head-dress of the Mummy of Rai
Despite being robbed in antiquity, the mummy of the lady Rai reveals evidence of the jewellery which once accompanied her to the grave. Marianne Luban investigates.

Papyrus: Myth and Symbolism
Hilary Wilson
looks at the practical and symbolic uses of the papyrus plant in ancient Egypt.

The Amarna Crock of Gold
Alison Millerman
finds out how modern excavators benefitted from the exploits of ancient robbers.

Alexander at Siwa
Alexander the Great’s visit to Siwa Oasis was to change his life and the fate of the ancient world. Tony Judd follows Alexander’s footsteps.

Growing Old Disgracefully at Deir el-Medina
What was life like in ancient Egypt for the elderly and how were they regarded and treated by the young? Rosalind Janssen looks at the evidence.

The Great Sphinx of Giza: how old is it?
Colin Reader
examines the archaeological and geological evidence to see if it is possible to establish a date for this monument, in the light of publicised claims that it is actually over ten thousand years old.

Archive Image
AE looks at early photographic images of the Sphinx at Giza.

The Anglia and the Ceopatra
How "Cleopatra’s Needle" was towed to the UK.

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Preview of cover for issue 28 (February/March 2005)

– The Egyptian Royal Family
Aidan Dodson looks at royal family relationships and roles in the New Kingdom.

– The Tomb of Yuya and Thuya
looks at this remarkable discovery, made exactly one hundred years

– Discovering the Lost Half of a Papyrus
Jac Janssen turns detective in reuniting parts of an ancient papyrus.

– The FINAL PART of AE’s Three-part READERS’ COMPETITION to win a holiday in Egypt ...including the all-important ENTRY FORM!

Plus many more articles, and, of course, our Regular Features.



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