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Ancient Egypt Magazine

Volume 5 issue 6 June/July 2005



The Thrice-Buried Queen

Dylan Bickerstaffe investigates the story of a Queen re-buried under unusual circumstances.


Digging in a Museum

Wolfram Grajetzki examines the Second Intermediate Period burial of Senebhenaef.


The Island of Elephantine

AE visits the monuments on the Island of Elephantine, a site of strategic importance throughout Egypt’s long history.


"... but where did they live?"

Peter Phillips looks at the most important of places to individuals throughout history – their homes.


The Mummy of Tutankhamun

AE brings you the full report from the Supreme Council of Antiquities, following the recent CT scan of Tutankhamun’s Mummy.


Ancient Egypt on the Small Screen

A review of recent television documentaries on ancient Egypt.


New Lakes and Very Old Bones

AE looks at a new site for touists in the Fayoum, which includes an area where the fossilised skeletons of whales can be seen.


Holiday Competition Results

We give you the answers and name the winners.


Cairo’s oldest and largest mosque: the Mosque of Ibn Tulun

Recently restored, the Ibn Tulun Mosque is a haven for mind, body and spirit in the heart of Old Cairo.


News of the Friends of the Petrie Museum


A Stab in the Back

Joan Rees tells a tale of rivalry between Egyptologist Amelia Edwards and her cousin Matilda Betham-Edwards.


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 Medinet Habu

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Preview of cover for issue 31 (August/September 2005)

Coming in the next issue of ANCIENT EGYPT 

– Meryetamun at Akhmim

AE’s Egypt Correspondent, Ayman Wahby Taher, tells readers about a remarkable colossal statue, which has been found in a site infrequently visited by tourists.


– The Oriental Museum in Durham

Karen Exell reviews this interesting ancient Egyptian collection for AE readers.


– Rameses III and his Battles

Nicholas Wernick provides a useful summary for readers of the military campaigns of this great New Kingdom pharaoh.


– Dressing Nefertiti

Have you ever wondered how the elaborate costumes used in historical dramas are created? Janet Johnstone, who has designed ancient Egyptian costumes for both TV and the cinema, tells the inside story for our readers.


Plus many more articles and, of course, our Regular Features.



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