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Ancient Egypt Magazine

Volume 6 issue 2 October/November 2005



Inspired by Egypt

One Egyptian businessman has been so inspired by ancient Egypt that he calls himself Djed-Maat-Ra, and has built himself a temple dedicated to Hathor! – Ayman Wahby Taher interviews him for AE.

You can look, but PLEASE don’t touch!

AE’s Editor warns of the danger to monuments from too many visitors.

Victorian View of Ancient Egypt

John Hannavy looks at the social conventions revealed by the Victorian photograph albums of trips to Egypt.

The Temple of Gerf Hussein

Martin Davies describes the history of this temple, now partially reconstructed at New Kalabsha.

Rameses II at the Ramesseum and in the British Museum

Photographic skill and modern computer software allow Guy de Bédoyère to "re-unite" the two parts of a famous statue.

Tales of the Crypts

Following her investigation of the Egyptianising monuments in a Parisian cemetery, Cathie Bryan visits two London cemeteries.

The Identity of the King and the Sun God

Chris O’Kane finds links between the movements of the stars and planets and ancient Egyptian mythology.

The (Royal) Mummy Returns but is he Rameses I?

Dylan Bickerstaffe analyses the evidence.

Improved Facilities in the Valley of the Kings

Marshall Hindley reports on proposed changes that could make visits to the Valley more pleasant for everyone as well as helping to protect the tombs from increasing numbers of tourists.

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Preview of cover for issue 33 (December 2005 / January 2006)

Coming in the next issue of ANCIENT EGYPT 

– Sphinx
AE looks at the many sphinxes of ancient Egypt from the Great Sphinx at Giza to those of the Ptolemaic Period.

– The Temple of Ptah at Karnak
Charlotte Booth visits the small temple of Ptah in a corner of the Karnak site overlooked by many tourists.

– Ancient Egyptian Medicine
George M. Burden, M.D. finds evidence that the ancient Egyptians recorded some surprisingly modern case-histories and treatments for illnesses.

– Mummies at the Movies
Mark Walker examines the influence of ancient Egypt, especially the modern fascination with mummies, on the fantasy world of the Big Screen.

Plus many more articles and, of course, our regular features.



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