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Ancient Egypt Magazine

Volume 6 issue 3 December 2005 / January 2006



Replicating an Egyptian Relief

Annemarie La Pensée describes how an important artifact from the World Museum Liverpool was replicated, at the request of Egypt’s SCA, using the latest technology.

Ancient Egyptian Medicine

Ancient Egyptian literature contains some surprisingly modern diagnoses and treatments for illnesses, as Dr George M. Burden discovered.

Made in Egypt

Zaghloul Ibrahim Mohamed is interviewed by Ayman Wahby Taher about his work re-creating replicas of ancient Egyptian masterpieces.

A Lion of Amenhotep III

AE investigates a lion at the Citadel in Cairo, and compares it with other well-known similar sculptures carved in the reign of the great pharaoh.

Black Athena

Who is or was "Black Athena"? Janet Robinson gives some anwers, and sees the concept as opening up the world of ancient Egypt to many who felt excluded in the past.

Ancient Egypt on the Small Screen

The BBC’s new series on ancient Egypt reviewed by AE’s Editor, who finds a great deal to criticise.

The Temple of Ptah at Karnak

Charlotte Booth gives readers a guided tour of this rarely-visited corner of the Karnak site.

Mummies at the Movies

Mark Walker examines the influence of ancient Egypt, especially the modern fascination with mummies, on the fantasy world of the Big Screen.

The Baron’s Palace

AE tells the story of one of Cairo’s most unusual landmarks.


Bob Partridge looks at some of the many examples of sphinxes in Egypt.

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Preview of cover for issue 34 (February/March 2006)

Coming in future issues of ANCIENT EGYPT

– A New Museum at Saqqara.  Dr Zahi Hawass reports on the opening of the "Imhotep Museum" at Saqqara.

– Neferhotep I   Wolfram Grajetzki looks at the reign of the Thirteenth Dynasty pharaoh.

– Egyptian Stone   Birgit Schoer examines the various types of stone the ancient Egyptians used for their buildings and sculpture.

– Egypt and Malta   Anton Mifsud and Marta Farrugia investigate ancient links between Egypt and Malta.

– Cleaning Cleopatra’s Needle   A report from the Director of the company that recently completed the cleaning of the obelisk on the Thames Embankment in London.

– The Late Roman Army in Egypt   Ross Cowan tells the story of Sinful Barbarians and part-time Legionaries in the Aswan area of Egypt.

Plus many more articles and, of course, our regular features.



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