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Ancient Egypt Magazine

Volume 6 issue 4 February/March 2006



Featured Pharaoh: Neferhotep I

Following the recent discovery of a statue of Neferhotep I at Karnak, Wolfram Grajetzki examines the reign of this little-known ruler.


The Friends of Nekhen

The first of AE’s regular articles in support of excavations at Hierakonpolis. This report covers Pre-dynastic houses and temples.


Past Articles and News Revisited

AE looks again at some of the articles from recent issues, with updates covering the latest news and developments.


Ancient Egypt in Madrid

Cathy Brian reviews the Egyptian collection in the National Archaeological Museum and a complete Nubian Temple, both in the Spanish capital.


Ancient Egypt on the Small Sceen

A review of recent British TV programmmes about ancient Egypt.


Granite? Gneiss? Greywacke? ... What stone is that?

Geologist Birgit Schoer identifies some of the types of rock used in Egyptian sculpture and building.


Archive Image: Egypt Then and Now

The Colossi of Memnon in the last inundation of the Nile.


The Cleaning of "Cleopatra’s Needle" in London

A report on the cleaning and current condition of the obelisk of Thutmose III, written by Iain McLean, the Director of the specialist cleaning company, Antique Bronze Ltd.


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Meet the personalities involved in Egyptology today, and learn about the issues.

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Preview of cover for issue 35 (April/May 2006)

Coming in future issues of ANCIENT EGYPT

News of the new tomb discovery in the Valley of the Kings in February. the next issue (April) will include the latest  news, information and analysis on what is probably the most important archaeological discovery in Egypt for years.

– The God’s Father Ay
Marshall Hindley looks at the reign of Tutankhamun’s successor.

– Belzoni’s Sarcophagi
Dylan Bickerstaffe investigates Belzoni’s role in the mad scramble for Egyptian antiquities in the early 1800s.

– Ancient Egyptian Wine
New research reveals the colour and composition of
ancient Egyptian wine.

– Egypt and Malta
Anton Mifsud and Marta Farrugia investigate ancient links between Egypt and Malta.

– The Friends of Nekhen
More news from the Heirakonpolis Expedition – this time reporting on the discoveries in the cemeteries at the site.

– The Late Roman Army in Egypt 
Ross Cowan tells the story of Sinful Barbarians and
part-time Legionaries in the Aswan area of Egypt.

Plus many more articles and, of course, our regular features.


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