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Ancient Egypt Magazine

Volume 6 issue 6 June/July 2006



Ancient Egyptian Wine

New investigations on the residue in wine jars found in the Tomb of Tutankhamun have revealed some of the the ancient vintner’s secrets. Maria Gausch Jane investigates.

Belzoni’s Sarcophagi

Explorer and adventurer Giovanni Belzoni was an avid collector of Egyptian Antiquities at the beginning of the nineteenth century; size was no object! Dylan Bickerstaffe investigates.

Friends of Nekhen News

Renée Friedman reports on the work to conserve one of the largest and oldest mud-brick buildings from ancient Egypt to survive at Hierakonpolis.

The New Tomb in the Valley of the Kings

An update from Roxanne Wilson, a member of the excavation team, on the recent discovery and the progress made in clearing the small chamber.

Ancient Egypt in Zagreb

Mladen Tomorad and Igor Uranic tell readers about the collections of the Archaeological Museum of Zagreb in Croatia.

Visiting Middle Egypt

AE reader Anne Eglintine tells how a she arranged to visit Amarna and other Middle Egyptian sites by travelling from Luxor independently.

Byzantine Egypt

Sean McLachlan tells how ancient Egyptian ideas are reflected in early Christianity in Egypt, which was a melting-pot of ideas and beliefs in the Late Roman and Byzantine periods.



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Coming in future issues of ANCIENT EGYPT

– KV-63

More news on the work clearing the recently discovered tomb in the Valley of the Kings.

– Restoring a Painting in the Tomb of Anen

Lyla Pinch-Brock describes her work in restoring a damaged painting in the important Eighteenth Dynasty tomb of Anen at Thebes.

– Dress in Egypt in the First Millennium AD

A report on a new exhibition at the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester, which includes many items discovered by Flinders Petrie in Egypt. 
the fourth report on the amazing discoveries at Hierakonpolis and more news from our Egypt Correspondent.

– Vivant Denon and a Cache of Mummies

Marianne Luban looks at Denon’s time in Egypt at the end of the eighteenth century.

– The Ancient Stones Speak

Reading Egyptian Hieroglyphs: in a series of three articles Pam Scott offers an approachable introduction to reading hieroglyphic inscriptions on monuments and museum objects.

– Ancient Egypt and The Bible

Michael Tunnicliffe looks at the many Biblical references to Egypt and discusses their interpretation in the light of the archaeological records.

Plus many more articles and, of course, our regular features.


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