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Ancient Egypt Magazine

Volume 7 issue 3 December 2006 / January 2007



From our Egypt Correspondent
Ayman Wahby Taher
with the latest news from Egypt, including the moving of the Rameses II statue.

The Writing is on the Wall ...
but should it be? AE reveals the growing problem of modern graffiti at some of the most important archeological sites in Egypt.

Photo Feature: more on the Imhotep Museum at Saqqara
AE presents unique photographs of some of the stunning exhibits at the new museum at Saqqara.

Dying to be Egyptian
Elisabeth Kerner
looks at some of the lesser-known cemeteries in London, with their “Egyptianising” architecture.

The Tomb of Harwa at Thebes
Chris Naunton
writes about the excavations and finds in one of the largest private tombs (dating to the Twenty-sixth Dynasty) in the Theban Necropolis.

Ancient Egyptian Technology
Denys Stocks,
in the first of three articles, reveals how the ancient Egyptians cut and carved the hardest of stones for their monuments and statues.

Mary Chubb: Writer and Archaeologist
A brief biography by Elizabeth Griesman.

Per Mesut: For younger readers

This issue Hilary Wilson looks at baskets..

Friends of Nekhen News

Renée Friedman looks at the many and varied finds from the ancient city of Hierakonpolis and what they reveal about the inhabitants.

 Per Mesut - for younger readers

Book Reviews Netfishing
Book Reviews Index

Meet the personalities involved in Egyptology today, and learn about the issues.

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Coming in future issues of ANCIENT EGYPT

Dahabeeyas on the Nile
AE looks at the age of elegant travel on the river, on two-masted sailing boats, and how it is still possible to sail in the wake of Giovanni Belzoni and Amelia Edwards.

– Tombs with Latitude
Did the ancient Egyptians know the size of the earth and select specific locations for their important sites, using this information? John Wall investigates.

– Ancient Egypt and The Bible
Michael Tunnicliffe
looks at the evidence to see if there are any direct links between Egypt and the Holy Land and archaeological “proof ” of Biblical events.

– The Ancient Stones Speak
Part two of the practical series of articles by Pam Scott on hieroglyphs – on how to read royal names. After reading this article, anyone should be able to make sense of the cartouches containing the names carved on the walls of temples and tombs.

– A Woman of the Gilf
Janet Robinson
travels to the Gilf Kebir in the south of Egypt and visits a newly discovered cave full of ancient rock art.

– The Temple of Khonsu at Karnak
Charlotte Booth
visits the small, but well-preserved, Temple of Khonsu in the great temple complex of Karnak.

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