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Ancient Egypt Magazine

Volume 7 issue 5 April/May 2007

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Through a Glass, Clearly

Alan L. Jeffreys looks at an unusual and impressive display in the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.

Egypt in Dubai

Cathie Bryan looks at some of the many new Egyptian-style buildings that have been built in Wafi City in Dubai.

The Dakhleh Oasis Project

In the second in a series of articles, Dr. Peter Sheldrick looks at the physical remains of the ancient inhabitants of the Oasis.

The Temple of Khonsu at Karnak

Charlotte Booth takes us on a tour of the well-preserved small temple, showing how it demonstrates a power-shift from the Pharaoh to the Priests of Amun.

An unwrapped mummified head in the Hancock Museum

Gill Scott tells how a male mummified head has recently been conserved.

From our Egypt Correspondent
Ayman Wahby Taher with the latest news from around Egypt, including exciting discoveries in the major new excavation of the Avenue of Sphinxes between the temples of Luxor and Karnak.

Technology Innovators of Ancient Egypt

In the second of his series of articles, Denys Stocks looks at the technology of the great pyramid-building age of ancient Egypt, the Old Kingdom.

A Pilgrimage to Abydos

Blair Wilkins visits Abydos and a special grave there.

Per Mesut: For younger readers

This issue Hilary Wilson looks at grain.


 Per Mesut - for younger readers

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Meet the personalities involved in Egyptology today, and learn about the issues.

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The Ancient Stones Speak

Pam Scott, in the third of her series of articles, explains how to read the inscriptions on funerary monuments.


The Great Royal Wives from Akhmim

Marta Farrugia and Anton Mifsud look at how a small town in the middle of Egypt produced some of the greatest of the Great Royal Wives of the New Kingdom.


A visit to Serabit el Khadim, in the Sinai Penninsula

This remote site is the location of a temple, quite unlike any other seen in Egypt, as Stewart White explains.


Queen Tiye

Marshall Hindley looks at the life and times of the Great Royal Wife of Amenhotep III, and probable grandmother of Tutankhamun.


Ancient Egyptian Technology

Denys Stocks concludes his series on ancient technology, looking at how the craftsmen cut and carved the hardest of stones and even introduced special techniques for mass-production.


The Colossal Statues of Akhenaten from Karnak

AE looks at the remarkable statues (displayed now in a number of museums) and their equally remarkable state of preservation.


Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs

Dr. Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities, introduces us to the exhibition opening at the end of this year in London.


The Dakhleh Oasis Project

Continuing the regular reports on the work being undertaken in the Oasis.


News From Egypt

Our Egypt Correspondent, Ayman Wahby Taher, brings us the latest news, including major finds and restoration work at Saqqara.

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