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Ancient Egypt Magazine

Volume 8 issue 4 February/March 2008

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The KNH Centre for Biomedical Egyptology

Students of the Centre, which is based at the University of Manchester in the UK, report on aspects of their research.

From our Egypt Correspondent

Ayman Wahby Taher, with the latest news from around Egypt, including the moving and placing on display of the mummy of Tutankhamun, and yet more discoveries at Karnak.

Tutankhamun and the Royal Crowns of Egypt

AE reviews the various styles of royal crown, as illustrated by the ushabti figures and statuettes from the King’s tomb.

Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs

In a special Photo. Feature,AE looks at some of the stunning objects in the Exhibition in London.

The Amarna Project

Barry Kemp describes Amarna’s genesis in the first of a series of articles on work at Amarna, the city of Akhenaten and Nefertiti.

The Dakhleh Oasis Project

In the last of a series of articles, Fred Leemhuis tells readers about discoveries and conservation work being done in the old town of Qasr Dakhleh.

An Egyptianising building at Giza

King Farouk’s Rest House.

Per Mesut: For younger readers


This issue Hilary Wilson looks at light.

 Per Mesut - for younger readers

Book Reviews Netfishing
Book Reviews Index

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Meet the personalities involved in Egyptology today, and learn about the issues.

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Coming in future issues of ANCIENT EGYPT

– Revealing the secrets of the mummies

Vicky Gashe explains how the mummified bodies of the ancient Egyptians can reveal much about their lives.

– Amarna

Barry Kemp, Director of the Amarna Trust, in the second in a series of articles, looks at the physical remains of the people who lived and worked in the city of Akhenaten and Nefertiti.

– Statues of Tutankhamun

Everyone is familiar with the famous images of the boy king found in his tomb, but, as AE reveals, Tutankhamun erected many statues, most of which were usurped by later kings and can be identified only because we recognise his features.

– The Old Kingdom necropolis at Abusir

Miroslav Verner tells of decades of work at the major pyramid site by a Czech Team and of some of the important discoveries made there.

– Howard Carter’s watercolours of birds

Best know for his discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb, Howard Carter was an accomplished artist. Jaromir Malek looks at some of his remarkable paintings of Egyptian birds.

– A Kushite statue in Southampton

Hilary Wilson tells the story of an important discovery in a basement and how it has proved to be a rare statue of an important ruler of ancient Egypt.

– City of the cat goddess Bastet

Daniella Rosenow examines the site of Bubastis, the great cult centre of the cat goddess Bastet, with its temples and tombs.

– News from Egypt

Our popular feature giving the latest reports on discoveries from around Egypt. (In particular news of work in the temple of Dendera and important discoveries at Saqqara.)

And, of course, all our Regular Features: Book Reviews – News of Egyptological Meetings and Events

around the country – a list of the many Egyptology Societies in the UK and abroad – PerMesut – etc.

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