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Ancient Egypt Magazine

Volume 9 issue 1 August/September 2008

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From our Egypt Correspondent

Ayman Wahby Taher, with the latest news from around Egypt – new discoveries and reports from Middle Egypt, Luxor and Cairo.

More News from Egypt
A report from AE’s Editors with yet more news from Luxor and from the Western Desert Oases.

The Domain of the Cat-Goddess, Bastet

Daniela Rosenow looks at the substantial remains in and around the Great Temple of Bubastis, sacred to Bastet, in the Delta city that still bears her name, Tell Basta.

The Gardeners of Amun

AE looks at a new exhibition featuring the burial equipment of families of gardeners from Thebes.

The Amarna Project

Barry Kemp in the fourth of a series of articles on the city, looks at Amarna as a workshop.

Tutankhamun and the World of the Pharoahs
A photo. report by Nacho Ares and
María Belci on the Vienna exhibition.

Pharaonic Renaissance

Igor Uranic looks at an exhibition on Late Period art in Zagreb and Budapest.

Servant of the Deep

Paul Boughton discovers a ushabti figure that survived the sinking of the Titanic.

Per Mesut: for younger readers

In this edition, Hilary Wilson looks at stools and chairs.

 Per Mesut - for younger readers

Book Reviews Netfishing
Book Reviews Index

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Meet the personalities involved in Egyptology today, and learn about the issues.

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The next issue of the magazine is our 50th!

Articles in this and future issues of ANCIENT EGYPT will include:

– Pharaoh’s Gold

Geologist Colin Reader looks at ancient Egyptian methods of finding and mining gold.

– A Tale of Two Heads

AE looks at why and how two colossal heads from statues of Amenhotep III, now in the British Museum in London, have been replicated.

– The use of Leopard Skin in ancient Egypt

Magda van Ryneveld describes the use of the pelt from leopards, which adorned the priests, the nobility and the kings of Egypt.

– Tutankhamun’s Murder: Case reopened?

Dr. David Counsell asks the question and looks, with fresh eyes, at the recent CT-scan evidence.

– Serapis before and after the Ptolemies

Anton Mifsud and Marta Farrugia look at the history of the cult of the god Serapis and at a connection with the island of Malta.

– The Lost Sarcophagus?

Lost at sea on its way to the UK in 1838, is it possible to locate and recover the sarcophagus of Menkaura, taken from his pyramid at Giza? Paul Boughton investigates.

– The Tomb Chapel of Nebamun

Richard Parkinson marks the conservation and redisplay of some of Egypt’s greatest artistic masterpieces, the paintings from the tomb chapel of Nebamun, now in the British Museum.

– Amarna

Prof. Barry Kemp continues his series of articles.


And, of course, all our Regular Features: Book Reviews – News of Egyptological Meetings and Events

around the country – a list of the many Egyptology Societies in the UK and abroad – PerMesut – etc.

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