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Ancient Egypt Magazine

Volume 9 issue 3 December 2008 / January 2009

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Coming in Future Issues of ANCIENT EGYPT

The Coptic Museumís Tapestries and Stonework:

Jill Kamil visits the recently enlarged and refurbished Coptic Museum in Cairo and examines some of the artistic and cultural treasures to be found there.


Luxor, the View from Above

AE looks at how views from planes and balloons can reveal much about the ancient landscape and how the area around Luxor is changing today.


Three statues in Luxor Museum

A unique, behind-the-scenes look at how three impressive statues on display in the Museum are only there because of the work of restorers and conservators.


Hadrian, Pharaoh of Egypt and Egyptís last God Antinous

Dylan Bickerstaffe looks at the intriguing connection between the Roman Emperor (and Pharaoh) Hadrian and Egypt, and the story of his drowned and deified lover.


The work of the Egypt Exploration Society, Past, Present and Future

AE in a series of articles over 2009, will report on, and promote, the important work of the EES.

Solar alignments in the Temples of Egypt

David Furlong reveals that many of the temples in the Luxor area appear to be aligned with the sun at the Midwinter Solstice.


Plus our popular News from Egypt, from our Egypt Correspondent, Dr. Ayman Wahby Taher.


And, of course, all our regular features, book reviews, news of Egyptological meetings and events around the country and a list of the many Egyptology societies in the UK and abroad.

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