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Ancient Egypt Magazine

Volume 9 issue 5 April/May 2009

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Coming in Future Issues of ANCIENT EGYPT

Tomb KV63 in the Valley of the Kings

An exclusive update on the tomb. In 2006, brought you four articles on the clearance of the tomb. Since then, the many sealed storage jars in the tomb have been opened and conservation work has commenced on the fragile coffins.

News from Egypt

The winter excavation season in Egypt has produced a number of significant finds at Giza, Saqqara and Luxor. will bring you full details in Ayman Wahby Taher ís special report.

Dental Health and Dentistry in Ancient Egypt

Roger Forshaw looks at the problems the ancient Egyptians had with dental health.

Luxor Templeís Mosque

Restoration work on the mosque has now been completed and we bring you photos and the story behind this major project.

Egyptís Eastern Desert

Colin Reader visits this remote part of Egypt, looking at both the geology of the area and the ancient remains, which include early rock-art and huge Roman quarries.

Tutankhamunís Headrests

Jan Summers Duffy examines the unique set of headrests found in the tomb of Tutankhamun, from simple ones of wood to elaborate carved ivory examples.


AE looks at the reasons why mummification was practised in ancient Egypt and at some of the early surviving mummies.

The Work of the Egypt Exploration Society, Past, Present and Future

In the third of a series of articles, Penny Wilson looks at the work of the EESís Delta Survey.


Unique to AE, the very latest News from Egypt, from our own Egypt Correspondent, Dr. Ayman Wahby Taher, complete with photos. of many of the latest discoveries. ... and, of course, all our other regular features, including Book Reviews, advance notice of Egyptological Meetings and Events, and a list of the many Egyptology Societies in the UK and abroad.

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