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A round up of news highlights from Issue 131


Temple of Zeus Kasios

The Egyptian mission at the Sinai site of Tell el-Farama ( ancient Pelusium) has uncovered the remains of a Graeco-Roman temple to the Greek god Zeus Kasios, whose main cult was centred at Mount Casius, near Antioch in northern Syria. The temple, lying about 200 metres to the west of the border fortress, was built in mud brick on a raised platform of rubble and broken stones. 

Alexandria Pottery Workshop

A Roman Period worshop for manufacturing amphorae has been uncovered by an Egyptian team at Tabba Matouh in West Alexandria. The workshop contained a number of kilns and was re-used as a cemetery during the Middle Ages with hundreds of burials discovered in the area of the workshop.

New Tombs at Saqqara

Five new tombs with colourful reliefs have been found near to the Pyramid of the Sixth Dynasty king Merenra at Saqqara by an Egyptian mission. Dating to the Old Kingdom and First Intermediate Period, the tombs are each accessed by a deep burial shaft and belong to a number of high ranking officials.

Perfume and makeup

The ingredients used to make ancient Egyptian kohl makeup are far more diverse than previously thought according to new research. Eight inorganic compounds not found previously in ancient kohl were detected with organic ingredients derived from both plant and animal sources.

In separate research, an Italian team used odour analysis to identify the contents of 50 sealed jars from the tomb goods of Kha and Merit at Deir el-Medina. The results included evidence for the presence of beeswax, dried fish and fruits.

Mummification Cache

A Czech Mission working at Abusir has uncovered the largest cache of mummification equipment ever discovered. The team found 370 large pottery jars containing tools and mummification materials at the bottom of a large shaft, together with a set of empty canopic jars.


In brief

·    A First Intermediate Period administration centre with 20 grain silos, vaults and storage rooms has been discovered at Kom Ombo, predating the Ptolemaic temple

·    Following the removal of the Khufu boat from Giza to the GEM last year, the boat museum has now been dismantled, allowing visitors an unobstructed view of the southern side of the Great Pyramid

·    The Hatshepsut obelisk that lay near Karnak’s sacred lake has now been restored and re-erected




For more on these and other news and discoveries check out the news section of the current issue.


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