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A round up of news highlights from Issue 124


Old and New Kingdom Discoveries at Saqqara

An Egyptian team working at Saqqara has made a series of important discoveries. The team uncovered a funerary temple bearing the name of a previously unknown wife of Teti, Queen Neith, together with the remains of three mudbrick warehouses where offerings made to the queen were stored. 

Within the complex the team also unearthed 52 burial shafts containing more than 50 anthropoid wooden coffins dating to the New Kingdom, the first burials from this period to be discovered at Saqqara.

Taposiris Magna

A series of 16 rock cut tombs has been discovered at the temple site of Taposiris Magna, to the west of Alexandria. The team found a number of mummies dating to the Graeco-Roman Period, although these were poorly preserved. One mummy was found with a gold foil amulet placed in the mouth to act as a tongue, allowing the deceased to speak in the afterlife.

Aswan Discoveries

An Egyptian Mission in Aswan has uncovered the remains of a Ptolemaic temple, a Roman fort and an early Coptic church. The team made a number of finds on site, including part of a sandstone panel depicting a Roman emperor, four sandstone blocks decorated with palm fronds and Ptolemaic cartouches, a collection of pottery kilns to the south of the site, and the various ceramic pots and lamps.

In Brief

*        The tomb of Ramesses I (KV16) in the Valley of the Kings has been reopened following restoration work following years of damage caused by birds, bats and soot deposits

*        The Temple of Isis at Philae has also been reopened following restoration work

*        A new touring exhibition has been announced by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities; Ramesses and the Pharaoh’s Gold” will tour London, Paris and three US cities (Houston, San Francisco and Boston) from November 2021 to January 2025



For more on these and other news and discoveries check out the news section of issue 124




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