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A round up of news highlights from Issue 127

Sunken Graeco-Roman Ship

The wreck of a Hellenistic military vessel has been discovered during an underwater excavation of the sunken city of Thônis-Heracleion in Abuqir Bay, 20 miles north-east of Alexandria. The ship, dating to the second century BC, was found under some 5 metres of hard clay. The team believe the galley had been docked next to the Temple of Amun when an earthquake caused the building to collapse. Blocks from the structure hit the ship, causing it to sink.

Pottery Workshop

An Egyptian mission has uncovered a large Graeco-Roman pottery workshop at Tel Kom Aziza in the Beheira governorate, about 90km south of Alexandria. The team also discovered a residential settlement nearby, with mud-brick houses containing pots, cooking furnaces and storage silos, as well as a group of Early Dynastic mud-brick burials containing skeletons and some pottery funerary vessels.

Christian Pilgrim Stop Off

 A Polish team has discovered the remains of a well-planned Christian settlement dating to the sixth century AD at the city port of Marea on Lake Mariout. The site, founded in the Ptolemaic Period, is about 25 miles southwest of Alexandria. The team believe the 13 hectare settlement was a stopping off point for pilgrims travelling to Abu Mena, to visit the tomb of St. Menas, a Coptic martyr who was believed to be able to heal illnesses.

Khufu’s Boats

Khufu’s solar boat, the largest and oldest wooden artefact in Egypt, has been moved to its new home in the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM). The 4600 year old cedar wood vessel was packed in special foam and transported in a protective metal cage on a remote-control vehicle which had lit-up images of the boat on each side.

In Brief


More than 600 wooden coffins in long term storage at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo have been restored and catalogued; some will be put on display in Cairo for the first time while others are being transferred to other museums


Restoration has been carried out in the columns of the Hypostyle Hall at Karnak ahead of the opening ceremony for the newly restored Avenue of Sphinxes


For more on these and other news and discoveries check out the news section of issue 127


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