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A round up of news highlights from Issue 122




Saqqara Coffins
An Egyptian team working near the Sacred Animal Necropolis at Saqqara has discovered 59 painted wooden coffins in three burial shafts, in a communal burial for Twenty-sixth Dynasty high priests and court officials.  Finds associated with the burials include 28 statues of Ptah-Sokar, the god of the Saqqara necropolis, a bronze statue of Nefertum and large numbers of amulets, shabtis and other finds. 

Tuna el-Gebel Priests Tombs
The Egyptian mission at site of Al-Ghuraifah at Tuna el-Gebel (Minya Governorate) have made further Twenty-sixth Dynasty discoveries in the communal tombs of the high priests of Djehuty (Thoth). The team has uncovered a 10m deep burial shaft leading to large chamber with three niches covered by stone beams. Inside they discovered the burial of Djehuty Imhotep, high priest of Djehuty and supervisor of the thrones, found inside a limestone coffin together with a group of amulets and scarabs.

Origins of Votive Animals
Vast numbers of birds and animals were killed and mummified to act as votive offerings in the late pharaonic period. While there is evidence that animals such as cats and crocodiles were specially reared for this industry, new research shows that ibis and birds of prey were sourced from the wild.

In Brief:

bullet Scientific analysis of the famous Raphael painting Triumph of Galatea  has revealed that Egyptian Blue was used to create the striking blue colour of the sky and sea. 
bulletArtefacts from the Tutankhamun exhibition in London forced to close early due to the Coronavirus outbreak have now returned to Egypt; 20 items are to go on temporary display in the new museums at Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh, before being moved to their new permanent display in the Grand Egyptian Museum due to open in 2021.
bullet Conservationists have raised concerns for the integrity of pyramids structures and loss of unexplored archaeological sites following the commencement of a new highways construction project, as  two large highways are being built close to the  pyramid plateaus at Giza and Dahshur


For more on these and other news and discoveries check out the news section of issue 122




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